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“Wake up, make videos, maybe stream, go to bed… repeat”


OMGchad, the host of OMGcraft, uploaded his first video to youtube in 2006. Since then internet entertainment has been his passion. He has bounced from careers in live tv production, podcasting, stage shows, hosting, streaming and of course YouTube.


Chad has two successful YouTube channels. “OMGcraft - Minecraft Tips & Tutorials!” features how-to, news and spotlights in Minecraft. “OMGchad” is where he uploads personal vlogs, role play Minecraft, and whatever else he can think of.


Chad excels at hosting, he hosts a weekly podcast “Giz Wiz” and weekly twitch live streams. He has worked for companies like Microsoft, Twitch, AT&T, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, PAX, and DIY.org as a host to bring professional content to their audiences.