What is blackshore?

blackshore is a Multi-Channel Business Partner and Management Firm for Content Developers
Our talent partners are some of the biggest – and most innovative – in the online entertainment and gaming industry today. Our partners reach tens of millions of consumers and their content has been viewed billions of times

We believe in talent and fan communities. We believe they are a new economy that’s here to stay and grow. We believe these communities can change how the world thinks, interacts and behaves. We believe in a company based on co-ownership, co-development and fairness. We are dedicated to nurturing, mentoring and supporting the needs, aspirations and visions of the talent and fan communities that we are part of

Our Mission
To empower talent to achieve their aspirations related to personal, business and fan community through an engaged management team and support network

Our Goals and Objectives
To represent the highest quality talent, to seek out skilled networks and to create/enter new markets relevant to the community. We generate value for all (talent, fans, partners, advertisers, new businesses) based on the needs of the evolving community/ecosystem

Our Business Philosophy
Partnership based on co-ownership, co-development, acceleration, incubation, and fairness